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Welcome !!

♠ Hello. I am LLIO. The master of LLIO's Renju class.

♠ Now, I am making the page for Renju players of foreigners. Please wait, I will finish this page as soon as possible.


♠ When you want to use contents of Renju Globe, you need to login.

♠ The item increases in the menu of the frame after you login.

Increasing Itemcontent


♠ This is the Playing Board System. It is not Real time system. We can play here as BBS.

♠ Here, you can play by two rules.

  1. RIF rule
  2. Yamaguchi rule

♠ Yamaguchi rule is a new rule proposed by Japanese Yamaguchi. In Yamaguchi rule, the black player and white player can play under the balance condition.

Arrow Mail

♠ This is mini-mail for each members.

♠ All mail will be deleted automaticaly, after pass 7 days.


♠ Renju Globe has 5 languages for showing the message in this website.

♠ There is the selecter of language at top of this page. You can select language from Chinese, English, Japanese, Korean and Taiwanese.


♠ Now, we are making new content for this website. It is Real time playing board system.

♠ When the system will be made up, we can play and study renju there. Wait soon !

Special Thanks

♠ Now, some players give us great help for this website. Thank you very much for the help!

FindFindabout Korean message
bayernoabout Chinese message
xylsabout Chinese message
win_ufoabout Taiwanese message

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