Yusui rule

♠ Yusui rule rule was made by Mr.Yamaguchi Yusui in 2006/03/13. This is new rule in future beyond Yamaguchi rule.

♠ However, this is not need now.

1P = 1st player (opener)
2P = 2nd player (returner)
  1. 1P put "one opening ( from 26/52 opening )" and "suggesting number as black 5th move".
  2. 2P has 2 ways.
    (A) If suggested number by 1P is not one, 2P can choose white on condition "re-suggested number as 5th by 2P" is lesser than suggested by 1P.
    (B) 2P let 1P put 4th, and then 2P can choose black or white on condition current situation.
    At here, black and white turns are decided.
  3. White put 4th.
  4. Black put "many 5th moves" according as number suggested.
    in case (A): the number is suggesed by 2P ( lesser than 1P )
    in case (B): the number is suggesed by 1P
  5. White select one 5th from 5th-moves put by Black.
  6. White put 6th.
  7. It is the same as a current rule as follows.

♠ This rule has some variations.

variant 1: change order 1.

  1. 1P put 1st move on center of board.
  2. 2p put 2nd move on central 3x3 square of board.
  3. 1P put 3rd move on central 4x4/5x5 square of board.
  4. It is the same as a Yusui rule as follows from 2.

variant 2: change order 2-(A).

(A) 2P can choose white on condition number as 5th lesser than suggested by 1P.
* If sugested "number for 5th" is only one, 2P can choose white on condition no-change.

* However, in variant 2, we can not use i13 opening.

♠ We can use great past study in all real games in this rule. When "I" am 1st player, "I" put i12 opening and suggest 2 for 5th.

♠ If opponent choose case (A), number will be decreased (two⇒one), and opponent get disadvantage in the game. Because Black has some advantage on condition "d12 + one 5th".

♠ If opponent want to beat me, she/he will choose case (B) here. Therefore, "I" put 4th freely. Opponent must choose Black or White on "my" condition 1st-4th moves.

♠ We can find new situation in Yusui rule more than Yamaguchi rule.

♠ 1st player put this opening and suggested three.

♠ In Yamaguchi rule, white has advantage in this condition. Because If white put freely in 4th move, white can use only strongest move without more swap.

♠ In Yusui rule, if opponent want to get White turn at here, she/he must change "suggested number" to "lesser than three". "lesser than three" is 1 or 2. When the condition, Black has some advantage about all 4th move in d12 opening.

♠ Therefore, opponent let "me" put 4th.

♠ At here, "I" put such this 4th.

♠ This is new situation more than Yamaguchi rule.

2006/03/14 LLIO